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Program for Tuesday

Lecture Track 1

8:00A – 9:00A

Equine Asthma

Sponsored by BIAH

Colorado Convention Center
AAEVT Room #1

9:00A – 10:00A

Applying Appropriate Regenerative Therapy Based on Lameness: Understanding the

Dr. Mike Caruso
Sponsored by Dechra

10:00A – 11:00A

Skin Preparation for Joint Injections & Surgery: Biology, Technique & Importance

Dr. Tim Eastman

11:00A – 12:00P

What You Need to Know about Treatment of Colic in the Field

Dr. Diana Hassel

12:00P – 1:00P

Break for Lunch

1:00P – 2:00P

Foaling Prediction

Dr. Patrick McCue

2:00P – 3:00P

Race Horse Injuries: Risk factors, 1st Aid and Treatment

Dr. Liberty Getman

3:00P – 4:00P

Equine Respiratory Issues

Dr. Wendy Vaala

Lecture Track 2

8:00A – 8:30A

Equine Sale Repositories

Rexann Morrison, RVT, LVT

Colorado Convention Center
AAEVT Room #2

8:30A – 9:30A

Anesthesia Rounds Trivia

Nicole Bone BS, LVT
Lindsey Schoelen, LVMT

9:30A – 10:00A

Ask the Anesthesiologist

Dr. Lori Bidwell

10:00A – 11:00A

Techniques in Equine Acupuncture

Dr. Lori Bidwell

11:00A – 12:00P

Issues that Can Occur with Equine Placentas

Dr. Karen Wolfsdorf

12:00P – 1:00P

Break for Lunch

1:00P – 4:00P

Case Studies & AEVNT Academy Presentations

AAEVT Member Presenters:

Equine Advanced Imaging: A comparison of modalities – Sue Loly, EVN
Critical Care of a Post-Operative Colic Patient – Molly Birt, EVN
Snake Bites – Kristina Perry (Rothers), EVN
Myositis – Andrea Whittle
Botulism Toxicity – Marie Stone
Equine Veterinary Nurse (EVN) Academy Application Process – Heather Hopkinson, EVN