Exclusive AAEVT Member Packages & Programs

AAEVT Membership Benefits, Brochure & Forms:

Membership Brochure
A downloadable & printable version of our full Membership Brochure, includes: our Association’s Purpose, Objectives, History, Benefits, and Membership Form

Membership Form
If you are unable to renew or join online, here is a downloadable & printable version of our Membership Form to be emailed or faxed

AVMA/CVMA Student Membership Program
Discounted group membership package offered to AVMA/CVMA accredited Schools of Veterinary Technology for one faculty members plus eight (8) full time veterinary technology students that are pursuing a focus in the equine veterinary industry

AAEVT Member Packages & Programs:

Platinum Purchasing Program:

20% off for AAEVT Members

Join top veterinary technicians & assistants across the country in using nutrition to improve the health and performance of your animals
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Equine Discounts:

Significant savings on nationally-known products

(Formerly known as NTRA)
Discounts with: John Deere, Sherwin-Williams, Office Depot, and more…
Complete program and vendor details HERE

Working Advantage:

One-stop shop for savings with brands you know and love!

Cost-free and easy to enroll, just use the company code: AAEVT to start saving
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Windfall Savings Program:

Significant savings on products and services you use every day

Start saving today at: aaevt.savingscenter.net