The Deb Reeder Innovation Award

The Deb Reeder Innovation Award


The AAEVT and AAEP collaborated to honor Deb this year at the annual convention with a new and special award—The Deb Reeder Innovation Award David Foley, CAE, AAEP Executive Director and Jlynn Meyer, LVT, AAEVT Regional Director presented her with this award as the first recipient.

This award recognizes an individual or organization within the industry that has proven to improve our industry and veterinary profession as a whole. The winner of this award should be an individual or organization that has demonstrated immense creativity, dedication, diligence and resilience. This trophy will be awarded annually at the AAEVT/AAEP conference. The winner will receive an inscribed plaque, have their name and year awarded placed on a brass plate affixed to the trophy and have a picture taken with the trophy at the AAEVT Membership Luncheon during the annual AAEVT/AAEP Convention.  The trophy will reside on display with the AAEP at their offices in Lexington Kentucky.

We ask that each of you keep this award front of mind as we continue throughout the year.  If a specific person or organization stands out to you and is deserving of this award, please consider nominating them.  You may find the criteria and timelines for this award on our website, here.

Congratulations Deb!!