Fall Scholarship Recipients

Fall Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our Fall Scholarship Winners!

The AAEVT offers Scholarships both in the Spring and Fall.  If you are interested in attending an AAEVT CE Event, join the AAEVT Online Certificate Program or are an Assistant wishing to attend the AAEVT/AAEP Convention for the first time, you may find our Scholarship Programs here.

Anne Bailey RecipientMiranda Johnson, Veterinary Assistant at Sport Horse Veterinary Services:
“The funds from this scholarship will go directly to the tuition costs of my attendance to the San Juan College Veterinary Technology Distance Program.  My goal, once certified, is to create a business that will help to close the gap between veterinarian and owner in the equine community.”

Midge Leitch RecipientBillie Glenn, Assistant/Interim Clinical Services Coordinator at Caesar’s Entertainment Equine Specialty Hospital
Within my time working as a Veterinary Assistant, I have learned the many ways someone who is non-credentialed can make a career and a difference in Equine Veterinary Medicine.  Finding the AAEVT this year has shown me ways I can grow in my career and continue to learn about the industry I am most passionate about.”

Millissa Finnegan RecipientMelody Canote, Equine Assistant at the Missouri University Veterinary Health Center
“Since joining the equine team at the MU-VHC, many unique opportunities have been made available to me for furthering my knowledge and professional ability. 
An important goal of mine is to continue to maintain self-evolution and growth.  I enrolled in the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians certification program to help me achieve this goal.”