Countdown to Nashville…3-2-1

Countdown to Nashville…3-2-1

Hello Nashville Attendees!!

We are just 5 weeks away…and more than excited to be welcoming you all, back in-person, to Tennessee!!

We are reaching out early to remind you of a few things prior to our early-registration deadline of November 10th:

  1. Have you selected all of your “extra tickets”?
    • We need to know if you’re coming to any of our optional social &/or learning events. Gotta make sure we have enough coffee, supplies and…feed 🙂
      This includes: our Membership Lunch, our Social/Welcome Reception, Zoetis’ Lunch & Learn, CareCredit’s Breakfast, and the AAEP’s “After Party.”
      Other optional tickets, with a fee, include: Guest Passes and the AAEP’s “Storytelling Nashville Style” night – $75 each.
    • Oh…and Wet Lab attendees…please, please, please make sure that you’ve selected for a seat on the bus out to Tennessee Equine if you need it. We can only let people on if they are on our bus list ahead of time!!
  2. Want to submit your State/Provincial License Number early?
    • Hey Credentialed members – in both the US & Canada! The American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) has initiated a new way of tracking approved RACE Continuing Education (CE) credits. They are asking event providers (that’s us, AAEVT) to provide attendees’ (that’s you!) State/Provincial License numbers to them after an event for their new RACETrack/CEBroker systems in order to issue RACE CE Credits. We’ll be asking you for this info (if applicable) at registration check-in, but you can fill it out ahead of time in a new field that we’ve just added to the online registration form.

How do I make these changes??

It’s easy! :

  1. Log into your AAEVT Account and under Invoicing, Payments & History –> select Event Registrations
  2. Find the Upcoming Event “2021 AAEVT Annual Conference – Nashville, TN” and tap the little paper-and-pencil icon to edit your registration
  3. There are two tabs at the top of your registration form:
    • “Attendee Info” – Here’s where you can add your State/Provincial License Number, if applicable.
    • “Attendee Selections” – Here’s where you’ll check off any additional event tickets that you want to add. 
  4. Click Save!

If any of your new tickets or items have a fee, your button will read: “Save & Proceed to Checkout” and you’ll be able to purchase them on the next page, otherwise the button will say “Save & Finalize Registration” and just ask you to review and save your updates.

The deadline…November 10th

Any edits will need to be made no later than Wednesday, November 10th! 


Gearing up: Packing already?

Did you know Nashville can range from 50-60 F down to 0 F.
When we were last in Nashville (2013), we had spring-like days AND an ice storm!
Layers, anyone?


Where we’re going to be

Head up! All of our lectures, scientific sessions, roundtable discussions, and social Events are being held in Rooms: 107-110, on the 1st Floor of the MCC (Music City Center).

Our Booth will be in the Exhibit Hall, 3rd Floor of the MCC, in the AAEP Connect Area.



Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!