Mid-Year AAEVT Board Meeting Report

Mid-Year AAEVT Board Meeting Report

Your AAEVT Board met on Saturday, July 10 (at 9am EST, so for a couple of our West Coasters this was an o’dark thirty call!)  We appreciate their commitment to our organization and everyone’s input.

Topics Discussed:

  • AAEVT/AAEP Schedule- logistics for the annual convention program
  • Speakers and Topics for AAEP- some awesome topics and speakers selected
  • Wet Labs for AAEP and logistics- Wet Labs to be held at Tennessee Equine
  • Board Nominations for 2022- We are accepting nominations for board positions from now until August 15th: Secretary, Vice-President and President Elect.  Please email  info@aaevt.org with nominations.
  • Scholarships/Applicants- selection from applicants submitted
  • Vet Tech/Assistant/Office Staff Month- ideas for our members and their practices
  • Sponsors- some new companies on the horizon
  • On-Line Certificate Program- course is gaining recognition, enrollment is growing
  • Webinars/Continuing Education on our website- looking to add to our website for our members
  • Meetings/Anesthesia Society Meeting- securing our upcoming meetings and topics
  • Need for peer articles to publish- Modern Equine Vet is always looking for articles from our members to publish. A great opportunity for our members!
  • Membership retention- growing our community

As you can see from the list above, we covered a lot of topics and initiated plans for some great meetings.  As always, we love to hear from our members with thoughts and ideas.  And don’t be shy! You can reach any one of us at anytime with your ideas—or email us at info@aaevt.com.  We will get back to you!