2020 AAEVT Membership Survey Results are in

2020 AAEVT Membership Survey Results are in

Thank you so much to those members who were willing to give us your feedback!

We’d like to share the results of this survey with you:


Survey open from Feb. 22 – Mar. 2, 2020 (10 days)
Sent to 1,253 current members
422 opened (33.7% open rate)
165 clicked (13.2% click rate)
234 total unique responses

Q1: Do you prefer in Person (live) CE Events with wet labs, or on line or a mix?







Q2: What do you like most about our CE meetings/ AAEVT Annual Convention?










Q3: When is the last CE Event you attended?










Q4: What do you use our website for?











Q5: Of the following website resources, which do you find the most helpful and/or that you use or would use the most often?











Q6 a: Do you use Social media for…?






Q6 b: Which Social Media do you use?









Q7: What is the most useful and valuable benefit of your AAEVT membership?








Q8: Does your practice support/ pay for your membership in the AAEVT/ pay for you to attend CE?






Q9 a: What is your pay range? (Including all benefits)







Q9 b: Please also check if you are Credentialed, Assistant or Practice Management…





Q10. What is the AAEVT NOT providing you that you wish we would or that you receive elsewhere?