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Below you will find a list of FREE, subscription-based, and pay-per-course opportunities curated just for you!

We’ve collected these resources to help members with professional development and maintaining licensure requirements.
Some are AAVSB RACE approved; and those that are not, we still think are a valuable learning and self-develop tools with practical use within our industry.


AAEVT Anesthesia Society Video Series

Presented by Dr. Lori Bidwell ** Free to AAEVT Members
If you are interested in Anesthesia, looking for more resources and want to connect with peers and leaders in this space, consider becoming a member of our Anesthesia Society Community! (Additional $25 membership fee required.)

Video #101 – Foal Field Anesthesia

Video #102 – Anesthesia Equipment & Monitoring

AAEVT Board Video Series “The Morning Mug”

Various Topics presented by peers & DVM’s ** Free to AAEVT Members
Join us for “The Morning Mug” on the third Saturday of each month at 11:00AM EST

Foals & Rotavirus B
Kate Christie, DVM & Andrea Whittle, LVT – Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
Original presentation: June 11, 2022
Video Passcode: V+bRD@F4

Post Foaling Complications
Katie Dern, DVM & Andrea Whittle, LVT – Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
Original presentation: July 2, 2022
Video Passcode: u5wuj=qz

Technician Utilization: How to encourage your team to fully utilize technicians and assistants
Olivia Williams, RVT – Dir of Nursing, UGA
Original presentation: July 16, 2022
Video Passcode: 6^L4P!92

The Importance of PPE
AJ Manship, DVM, DACVIM-Desert Pines Equine
Kimberly Burton, LVT – Desert Pines Equine
Original presentation: August 13, 2022
Video Passcode: L@N*0AsC

Veterinary Social Work
Andrew Lufkin, LMSW – University of Tennessee
Arie Wolff, LVT, LVMT – University of Tennessee
Original presentation: September 3, 2022
Video Passcode: Ky3&6c+b

Foals: They’re Coming… They’re Here!
Andrea Whittle, LVT, LVMT – Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
Original presentation: January 21, 2023

Hind End Lameness
Dr. Phil Lopez – University of Tennessee
Arie Wolff, LVT, LVMT – University of Tennessee
Original Presentation: February 18, 2023
Video Passcode: 1u7s@PWc

The Importance of Vitamin E in the Diet
Delia Nash – Kentucky Performance Products
Original Presentation: May 20, 2023
Video Passcode: 0dYYmm5#

How to Become an Equine Veterinary Specialist
Sue Loly – AEVNT
Original Presentation: June 17, 2023
Video Passcode: ?psSv1ih

Equine Asthma
Dr. Bill Gilsenan, VMD, Dipl. ACVIM – Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
Original Presentation: July 15, 2023
Video Passcode: =mi69e!W

Endurance Riding – Medicine & Safety
Dr. Betsy Lau – Comstock Equine Hospital
Original Presentation: August 19, 2023
Video Passcode: gT2f2*$N

Dentistry 101
Dr. Eric Martin – University of Tennessee CVM
Original Presentation: September 16, 2023
Video Passcode: ?NV=@7Lj

Hiring Best Practices in 2023 and Beyond
Mike Pownall, DVM, MBA – McKee-Pownall Equine Services
Original Presentation: October 28, 2023
Video Passcode:  !s!9$Fbm

We All Share A Passion, The Horse: Helping Equine Charities Attract Bigger Gifts
Paul Ransdall – The Foundation for the Horse
Original Presentation: November 25, 2023
Video Passcode:  0&w$ky8M

Beat the Heat: Managing Pyrexia in the Horse
Dr. JD Conway, Sponsored by Dechra
Original Presentation: December 16, 2023
Video Passcode:  g*9?6Ggj

Do’s and Dont’s For Lab Techs
Melissa Wiseman
Original Presentation: January 20, 2024
Video Passcode:  pOY22#@.

Addressing the Challanges of the Equine Veterinary Team
Dr. Chrissie Schnieder – Merck Animal Health
Original Presentation: February 17, 2024
Video Passcode:  xg^7UV^3

Tips, Titers & Tid Bits
Trinette Merrill & Dr. Lia McCoy
Original Presentation: May 18, 2024
Video Passcode:  1uL^1YT6


AAEVT + Merck Animal Health: Equine Veterinary Technician Deworming Education Course
Revised Courses COMING SOON – Free, on-demand and brought to us by Merck! Participants earn 1 CE hour upon completion of both modules + scoring 80%+ on each quiz

AAEP Practice Life Podcast
20-40 minute podcasts about all aspects of Veterinary practice and life. Mostly geared toward practitioners, there is some interesting listening here for the entire Veterinary Team.
Ex: Top Tech Tools for Equine Practice

Clinician’s Brief
The leading journal for veterinarians, provides library of articles, essential tips for diagnosis, and treatment in a brief and concise format.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine eClinPath
The goal of this site is to be an educational resource on veterinary clinical pathology – an “on-line” textbook as it were. We hope this will be a valuable resource, as are the several available paper textbooks on this discipline. We continually strive to update and modify the site and appreciate your feedback.

Coursera – Equine
Your Course to Success – Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies ** Some complimentary content.  Ex: https://www.coursera.org/learn/equine

the Horse Webcasts
Your guide to equine health care.
Complementary subscription with your AAEVT membership = Free Webcasts & Podcasts!

Ivana Lange’s Equine Anatomy in Layers – Facebook page
Promoting her book, but posts are incredibly interesting.

NutraWorks Equine
Dedicated to improving equine nutrition through innovative supplement solutions that improve the health of horses in the United States & Canada. We can use Password: race_2020 to access the courses.

Patterson Veterinary University
Veterinary-specific education delivered by experts will educate and inspire you with new ideas and best practices to strengthen the business. You’ll receive the know-how, the tools, and the confidence to better meet the needs of pet owners, and to help your practice grow. **Some complimentary content

Platinum Performance Webinar Series
Quality on-demand webinars presented by top Veterinarians in their fields, Topics ranging from allergies to kissing spines to soft tissue injuries.
**Registration with Platinum required

Become awesome at inventory and earn 5 RACE CE Cedits. Totally free!

A peer-based community of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, receptionists, managers and students. CE courses and articles have been created to specifically meet the needs of individuals yet still benefit the practice. **A “membership” is required, but it’s free!
Here are two good starting places:


IDEXX Learning Center
Knowledge you can put into practice! ** IDEXX account required

Your online residency in Veterinary Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy CPD. Learn through virtual conferences, live webinars, recordings, podcasts and e-books that are easily accessible anytime of the day through your phone or computer.

Patreon: Study of The Equine Hoof
Creating Videos of the Equine foot to educate and empower horse lovers. **Monthly subscription rates as low as $1/mo1

At VetFolio, our mission is to do our part to elevate the quality of animal medical care throughout the world by providing online continuing education and resources for the entire veterinary community, anytime, anywhere.

The #1 Veterinary CE Resource for Busy Veterinary Professionals. VETgirl is a subscription-based multimedia service offering RACE-approved, online continuing education for veterinary professionals.
Ex: Feb 2020 – The 10-minute abdominal ultrasound to facilitate diagnosis of colic
Ex: Jan 2024 – Foot Surgery: Field Perspective To These Challenging Cases


AAEVT Online Certificate Academy
The BEST (of course)! We have teamed with Vetstream to bring you a newly revamped program that provides equine specific training – basic to advance – to those employed by the equine practitioner and those with an interest in the equine veterinary profession.

Anatomy of the Equine Hoof
A step-by-step, comprehensive program that takes you through the layers of the equine distal limb and hoof. Also available as individual modules.

VHMA (Veterinary Hospital Managers Association)
VHMA’s new online education catalogue helps busy professionals locate high-quality, relevant education that will enhance their skills and knowledge. Pay per course for non-VHMA members, free for VHMA members and a few free webinars for everyone.

Look no further for the best, most comprehensive online CE courses taught by world-class instructors. Whether you’re a veterinarian, veterinary technician, veterinary assistant, office manager, or practice owner, you can find the CE you need.


Disease Dujour

Equine Innovators

Straight from the Horse Doctor’s Mouth

The Horse Nutrition Podcast (Purina)

Beyond the Saddle

Do you have a resources that have been of value to your professional development? We’d love to add them to our list!
Please contact our Executive Director, Wiss Costanza (wcostanza@aaevt.org), with your suggestions.