A Special Lady, A Special Scholarship

A Special Lady, A Special Scholarship

Jane M. “Tee Tee” Ebben, June 1955-September 2022

Jane loved horses and went to school to become a Veterinary Technician. She began her career at the University of Minnesota, where she helped start the Neonatal Foal Unit. Six years later, she moved to Missouri and worked the next 35 years at the University of Missouri Veterinary Health Center, where she retired in July 2021. She was passionate about the horses she cared for and always showed compassion not only to the horses, but also the owners. When there was a loss of a beloved horse, Jane would give the family a braided section of the tail as a keepsake. She was a great mentor to both her colleagues and students.  She was an icon in the Equine Vet Tech world… and will be missed by many.

The AAEVT in honor of Jane, is offering a one-time Scholarship to attend this years AAEVT/AAEP Convention in San Antonio.  The application deadline for this scholarship is October 15th and will be awarded by November 1st.

You may apply here.