Interactive Zoom Calls for Members

Interactive Zoom Calls for Members

Our interactive Anesthesia Society and Board zoom calls are being well received and everyone—including the presenters have enjoyed them.  The lively conversations and questions at the end of the presentations have been great!  All calls have been recorded and are posted on the website for those that were not able to attend.

Anesthesia Society Calls are located under the Groups Section in the Anesthesia Society link, located here.

Board Interactive Zoom Calls are located under the Resources Tab-On Demand CE Section, located here.

Looking ahead—our plan is to have one or two calls per month. The best times have been Saturdays at 11:00 am EST.  As always, your comments and ideas are welcome, please send them via email to:

Be sure to be on the lookout for more Zoom Calls coming! Your next Board Interactive Zoom Call will be Saturday, August 13th @ 11:00am EST.  Dr. AJ Manship on the Importance of PPE .  Here is the link and for your convenience, the password:  ZnJDRmplenMvY1hUOFVjOEY5dlVqUT09