Anesthesia Tech Tips:

Anesthesia Tech Tips:


Here are a few Tech Tips from the Trenches….

Credits to: Travis Otremba, CVT, LVT – Ocala Equine Anesthesia Team – Lindsey Schoelen, LVMT

Place a timer on your anesthesia cart so you can be sure;

  •  how long your patient has been off gas, (**Note:  be sure to set timer as soon as you have turned off anesthetic)
  • how long torniquet has been on, etc.


Attach a gauze square to the Bellows Rod, on your ventilator.  This will catch your eye to ensure the Bellows are working correctly, (** This is helpful for Vents that are quiet)


Create “Your Book”:

  • articles you have found helpful
  • calculations for common use drugs
  • how procedures have gone, (the good, bad and the ugly for reference.)