Do You Know Your Regional Contacts?

Do You Know Your Regional Contacts?

Ashley Clark, CVT

Ashley Clark joined BEMC, (Bend Equine Medical Center-Bend, Oregon), in 2007 as an equine veterinary technician.  Ashley is a graduate of Cal Poly State University, where she received her BS in Animal Science. She is a licensed veterinary technician and an AAEVT member serving as the US West Regional Contact with her region covering the states of ND, OR, WA & WY.

In 2013, she became the BEMC Director of Technical Services.  Ashley has experience in many equine disciplines, from cutting to eventing. She currently owns Kalena, a Haflinger cross mare, with whom she loves to take horse camping.  She is an excellent cook and spends her free time hanging out with friends and fixing up her home.

If you are in Ashley’s region and wish to reach out to her with any questions or comments, you can find her contact information here.