TEVA Meeting Recap

TEVA Meeting Recap

TEVA 2021 Summer Symposium: Technician Lectures and Dry labs

from Karen Chapman

Informative, relative, and engaging describe the sessions covering all aspects of equine anesthesia this year at the TEVA Summer Symposium.  Lectures covered inhalant anesthesia as well as field anesthesia and covered not only the basics but also complications, trouble shooting, and tips on monitoring. Dr. Carrie Davis, from Animal Imaging in Irving, Texas, gave a great overview of the anesthetic machine and even brought a ventilator for close inspection and understanding.  She talked about the cost saving effect of running low flow anesthesia along with PIVA options (partial IV anesthesia.)  Oxygenation and ventilation were discussed and interesting physiological facts about the lungs and alveoli were shared.  Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of common IV agents were a big focus and pain assessment and management was also addressed.  Dr. Davis was a wealth of knowledge and interacted with the audience throughout her talks and dry labs.

Lisa Meloy Upshaw, LVT and Lindsey Schoelen, LVMT, presented the attendees with helpful and practical advice on everything from preparing medical records to patient monitoring, recovery, and rope tying skills.  Induction and recovery complications were discussed within the group and many good ideas were exchanged.  Technicians were encouraged to practice tail rope tying in preparation for assisted recoveries.

Finally, Dr. Sarah Jarosinski, from TAMU, wrapped up the anesthesia discussion with presentations of case studies and great ideas on sedation protocols and perioperative pain management.  She covered CRI’s and also described different sedation drugs and the analgesia effects of each.

One point that stood out in each presenter’s lecture was the importance of a well-trained and observant technician.  Monitors, although valuable, cannot replace a knowledgeable, trained and attentive anesthetist.  If anesthesia interests you and you would like to learn more about the field and get some great hands-on experience, plan to join us at one of our next meetings!  Check them out here on our website/event page.