Tech Tip: Preventing blood stained towels

Tech Tip: Preventing blood stained towels

What to do at the end of the day with those bloody towels from a morning appointment?
AAEVT Member: Elyse Rowley, MS

Here’s a Tech Tip that applies to anyone who cleans up blood at their practice…should be pertinent to quite a few of us! By accident, I discovered this the other day and wanted to share because it was so awesome:

We were scoping a horse who ended up with a bloody nose. It was a doozie and we used several blue surgical towels to staunch the flow and then mop it up.

We were out of our typical area for this scoping and had many appointments following this bloody nose, so it was quite late by the time we got back to the office. The towels had sat in the truck for a long time at that point!

Regular washing does not get ALL the blood out once it has sat that long and we are usually left with stained towels… BUT, on a whim that day, we threw the bloody towels into the sink following the scope cleaning and let them soak in the enzymatic cleaning solution. It worked like magic to remove all traces of the blood!!! In 5 minutes, the blood was gone, and no stains remained!

I was impressed 😊  and hope this helps make someone else’s cleanup easier!