New opportunity: Quarterly Case Study Presentations

New opportunity: Quarterly Case Study Presentations

We are working on a new Member Program: Quarterly Case Study Presentations.
We’ll walk interested members through the process of finding the right case, putting your study together, and presenting it to a small group of peers. Topics to rotate quarterly may include: Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, Lameness, and Surgery.

This is a great way to share information, gain public speaking confidence and network with other members!

A testimony from a member who has presented at an AAEP Convention.

“It took a lot of self-persuasion and pushing myself to present my first AAEVT/AAEP case study but I was so happy that I did it. Not only does it encourage dialogue with the board members and active participation in the meeting but having it published in Modern Equine Vet led to clinic veterinarians reaching out to me with so much encouragement. I have now done 4 presentations and can attest to the professional confidence that it has given me.”

Andrea Whittle, LVT

More to come, stay tuned!