Want to be a part of the AAEVT Leadership Team?

Want to be a part of the AAEVT Leadership Team?

It is nomination/election time for several offices on our Executive Board:

President-Elect ( 1 year term, then moves into President, 1 year term, then Immediate Past-President, 1 year term)

Member at Large / Vice President ( 1 year term)

Regional Director –  (1 year term), position is voted on by our Regional Contacts.

As a member of the Executive Board you will be a part of the creative discussion and decision making processes, have the ability to initiate projects, help to organize our CE events, and work with other stakeholders to ensure our Community is the most relevant and engaging place for our members to be! Learn more about these positions and eligibility HERE

If you are interested in a position on the Board for 2021, please contact Deborah Reeder (Executive Director) at DBReeder@gmail.com.

Nominations will close on September 24th