Don’t miss out: New Summer Scholarship for Online Certification Program

Don’t miss out: New Summer Scholarship for Online Certification Program

Such a great opportunity..don’t let it slip by!

We are partnering with Patterson Veterinary to offer a $450 scholarship to our Online Certification Program with a NEW application window this summer.

Applications due by August 1, 2020

 Testimonial from Madison: “I started working at Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic in September of 2018. Since working there I received thorough in person training, but wanted to expand my knowledge of equine medicine. The AAEVT’s ACT program dramatically helped me further my abilities through the well organized coursework and thoughtful presentation of material. The courses reinforced and furthered my knowledge of topics I was already familiar with; more-so, I was given a detailed look into new practices that I typically do not encounter on a daily basis. The structure and self guided pace of this class perfectly fit my needs as a student and full time employee. A well balanced combination of textbook reading, professional videos and interactive modules kept me engaged throughout all three courses. The information taught was immediately applicable to my career and has undoubtedly made me a better employee. I highly recommend these courses for anyone interested in furthering your knowledge of equine medicine. “

Eligibility requirements
Applicants must be current AAEVT members in good standing and at the time of application and be currently enrolled in the AAEVT Online Certificate Academy program.

Summer Scholarship applications must be received no later than August 1, 2020

Application requirements

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Resume including previous and current employment, with dates, giving brief details of job titles and duties, including names of organization, association or practice address.
  3. Short essay describing why this scholarship is important to you in furthering your educational career, what your career goals are, and why horses have made an impact on your life.
  4. Overview of your current stage in the AAEVT Online Certificate program, including enrollment date, list of completed courses, which Regional meeting you plan to attend, and (if applicable) what benefits the online program has provided.
  5. Letter of recommendation(minimum of one) from an active member of the AAEVT or AAEP, stating why they feel you will benefit from this scholarship.