AAEP updates parasite control guidelines

AAEP updates parasite control guidelines

Rosemary Bayless, DVM, MS, DACVIM (LAIM)
May 27, 2020

This succinct review of equine internal parasite control measures reflects modern strategies now in place to reduce development of resistance.

Many horse owners have heard about parasite resistance from other equine professionals, members of the horse community and internet sources but may not be familiar with the most up-to-date recommendations for responsible equine internal parasite control programs. Veterinarians continue to play a key role in educating horse owners about comprehensive parasite control strategies designed to keep horses healthy and limit parasite resistance.

To help veterinarians stay abreast of current recommendations, the AAEP Infectious Disease Committee and Parasite Control Subcommittee collaborated in 2019 to update the AAEP Parasite Control Guidelines (initially published in 2013). The updated guidelines offer a concise review of clinically relevant equine intestinal parasites, explain several key terms that are central to understanding the basis of modern parasite control and highlight the following important components of a comprehensive internal parasite program:

  • Methods of estimating parasite burden and degree of resistance
  • Environmental measures for controlling internal parasites
  • Judicious use of anthelmintic drugs (i.e. dewormers)

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