Board Project in the works: “Leadership & Connection” platform

Board Project in the works: “Leadership & Connection” platform

We have been thinking about and researching the possibility of creating a private, members only, leadership/problem solving chat room. A place where Technicians, Assistants and Office Staff would be able to login and share ideas, files, articles, ask questions, find answers…where we can interact in a “safe place” with peers!

Research is currently ongoing to find a good platform fit. We are also thoughtfully considering “rules and guidelines” for engaging with each other in a constructive and positive way. This site will have a small group of moderators to ensure all statements and questions stay true and fair to all involved.

We are excited to be able to offer this site to our members as a compliment to your membership, with the goal of being able to share safely within our community. We will keep you posted as this “idea” starts to come more into focus, but we are excited about the thought of having a place for us to connect, share, motivate, mentor, and boost each other up!

Stay tuned…