More than a Hitching Post: Bridging past career with current

More than a Hitching Post: Bridging past career with current

Karen Chapman, LVT

After high school, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education and taught school for 15 years. Then I
entered the veterinary technician field because I loved horses and I loved medicine. I feel so fortunate to
have been able to come full-circle in my life and found the perfect blend of my two chosen careers.

I work at Texas A&M Large and Small Animal Teaching Hospitals in the Ophthalmology Department. I
am able to work with both equines and small animals in all aspects of eye disease and injury. One of the
most important parts of my job though is teaching and supporting fourth year veterinary students. I
also assist in teaching several clinical skills labs and help out with extracurricular CE opportunities like
the AAEP Wetlab held annually at Texas A&M. On a daily basis, I assist the students as they perform
their exams on our patients and as they learn to apply on a practical basis all of the knowledge they
have accumulated over the course of their veterinary studies. I am able to support their education by
providing tips, experience I have gained, and a supportive environment so they will feel confident to
practice what they have learned in theory.

I am proud to represent AAEVT and to promote this equine organization. If it weren’t for this
organization and the friends and contacts I have made in this group, I might never have found such a
fulfilling position. AAEVT supports, promotes, and educates equine technicians. You won’t find a better