Recommended regulations for technician tasks & supervision proposed

Recommended regulations for technician tasks & supervision proposed

The Scope of Practice for Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technologist has been updated by the AAVSB.

The American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) is a not-for-profit, 501(c) (3) association whose membership is comprised of 62 veterinary licensing boards from the United States and its Territories (U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico), and 9 provinces in Canada.

The purpose of the AAVSB Practice Act Model is to provide a resource to its Member Boards, many of which regulate the practice of Veterinary Medicine as well as Veterinary Technology.

In 2000, based upon the will of the membership, the AAVSB Board of Directors convened a task force to create a veterinary Practice Act Model (PAM) as a resource document available for use by its Member Boards. Because it was envisioned as a “living document”, the task force continued their work by adding statutory language regarding the regulation of veterinary technicians and provided periodic updates to the document that were supported by the membership.

The full 2019 revised recommendation for the Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Technology Practice Act Model (PAM) can be found here.