Introducing our new Assistant Executive Director

Introducing our new Assistant Executive Director

We would like to introduce and Welcome Wister Costanza as our new Assistant Executive Director! Wiss will be assisting Deb Reeder and Katie Soobrian, while learning the ropes of what it takes to run this Organization.

From Wiss:

Assistant Executive Director

I am excited to be accepting the position of Assistant Executive Director for this organization that I truly believe in.  As most of you know, I am a Charter Member (a member since the AAEVT’s inception in 2004) and have had the good fortune to sit on the Board in a few different capacities throughout the years.

A little background, for ten years I worked as a Territory Manager for Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, now known as American Regent.  American Regent has always believed in the AAEVT and in furthering the education of Technicians, Assistants and Office Personnel.  Being a Territory Manager allowed me many opportunities to attend continuing education platforms as well as the ability to travel to many different Equine Hospitals, Clinics and Ambulatory Practices.  By doing so it has given me some insight as to the different roles and challenges that our profession faces.  I look forward to bringing some of those insights into my role as Assistant Executive Director.

Before working in Industry, I worked for two prominent Sports Medicine Facilities in New Jersey as an Equine Assistant.  This was truly a dream job for me which grew my passion for equine medicine and lead me to the AAEVT.

My husband and I have two horses at present and live on a small farm in New Hampshire with our Jack Russell, Sophie.  We moved to New Hampshire ten years earlier and enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and ATVing throughout the area.  I made a promise to myself when we moved, that I would never take for granted the beautiful view that I see every day.  We are truly lucky to have found our happy place!

As a good friend of mine says, “Life is a journey!”  I am fortunate that mine has taken me in this direction from Equine Assistant to Territory Manager to my new role with the AAEVT.  One might say I have come full circle!

Cheers to a fantastic 2020 and all the infinite possibilities!