American Horse Publications Equine Industry Survey

American Horse Publications Equine Industry Survey

The survey revealed that compared to the economic recession of a decade ago, “the equine industry has firmly stabilized.”

Nancy S. Loving, DVM
March 18, 2019

The American Horse Publications (AHP) conducted an online nationwide survey in 2018 sponsored by Zoetis. Over 9,000 responses were evaluated. The bulk of the respondents (70.5%) were over 45 years of age. Over half of all respondents reported that only one member of the household was involved with the horses; a third reported two household members had involvement with horses.

Nearly 69% of respondents use their horses for pleasure and trail riding, which is fewer than the approximately 73% from 2010, 2012 and 2015 surveys. More horses (31.3%) are considered idle or retired. Dressage enthusiasts numbered 27%. Nearly one-quarter of survey participants engage in lessons or training. Nearly 40% of those surveyed had no intention of participating in competition. Those interested in competition planned on participating in an average of more than eight events that year.

A key concern of the respondents was related to land issues; for example, loss of trails and equestrian recreational and competition areas due to development.

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