Peer Article: Stuck on the Fence

Peer Article: Stuck on the Fence

Long time AAEVT member, Lisa M. Leake, has an article in this month’s The Modern Equine Vet:

On May 31, 2017, a 4- year-old American Quarter Horse presented to Iowa State University’s Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center (LVMC) for a penetrating wound of several hours duration.

A 2-inch piece of round metal pipe, approximately 3 feet long, had pierced the mare caudomedial to the right mandible and exited rostromedial to the left eye. The piece of metal had become lodged in the horse during the early hours of May 31.

Examination of the pipe revealed that while it was well seated in the horse, it could be turned with minimal effort.

On presentation, the mare’s physical examination findings were a temperature of 99.7° F, a pulse of 80 beats per minute, respiration of 16 breaths per minute, normal borborygmi in all four quadrants, mucous membranes were pink and moist, and capillary refill time was less than 2 seconds. The mare’s weight was estimated at 500 kg. Auscultation of the heart and lungs were within normal limits. The Packed cell volume (PCV) was evaluated at 30% and the total protein was 4.7 g/dL.

While airflow was detectable from the nostrils, it was decreased. Additionally, the mare had moderate respiratory stridor, so a temporary tracheostomy was performed.

The mare remained bright, alert and responsive throughout the examination. The pipe was cut down using a hacksaw so that only about 8 inches protruded from each end beyond the entrance and exit wounds. The mare exhibited clinical signs of right side facial nerve damage including right eyelid paresis, muzzle deviation to the left and drooping of the right ear.

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